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Technology Consulting

A variety of media & technology intergration services are available.


Counseling is available in many areas, Indvidual counseling from preschool age to early adult. Pre-marital and marriage counseling. Grief and trauma counseling are available as well.


We offer training in Children's Ministry. We specialize in Children's Church and puppetry.

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The Founders

More than twenty years ago Because He Lives Ministries was just a dream. It has transitioned from the evangelistic outreach of our local church to a multi-faceted independant outreach. Like many dreams it laid dorment and unrealized. It seemed it's time had passed. But God never loses anything. He places everything sown into a seed. Every deed, hour, sacrifice, and tear are in the seed. It will grow at the appointed time. Jesus said in John 12:24 "Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit." Our passion is Jesus Christ. Our vision is to spread His Gospel to a creation groaning to see a manifested Christ in the earth. We believe that all scripture is inspired by the Holy Spirit. We believe every line and letter was written to reveal Jesus.(Hebrews 10:17) Jesus comes in the volume of the book it, The Bible is written of Him. Our sole purpose is to declare Jesus to everyone we meet. That every tongue may confess that Jesus is Lord to the Glory of God the Father. We exist to fufill this purpose and to equip those who share this same vision. It's all about Jesus!

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  • 8548 Anthony Hwy, Wayneboro PA 17268
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