Before the Bear

Hello dear one … happy Friday ! We are beary excited that you stopped in … the sun is shining and the birds are singing! I know it’s gonna be a good day … because all I really need is a little bit of sweet tea, and dab of marmalade, and a whole lot of Jesus!

Once upon a time there was a little girl … not just any little girl BUT one that truly believed when Walt Disney said, ” that laughter was timeless, that imagination had no age, and that dreams were forever”! And this started her journey into being all that God had called her to be ……

insert music where you know the scene is about to change ….

There’s a memory that plays over and over again in my mind like a bad dream … and even though I lived through it I try to convince myself that it really never happened.

There she stood all grown up and forgetting all about the little girl that had been buried somewhere deep within …. how did we get here and when can we leave .

All eyes where on me … and, yes I was that once little girl.

As I stepped up to the podium and gently took the microphone I knew it was now or never.

You see dear friends I had such a desire to teach children not only about how much God loved them BUT to also create a passion in them to be all that God had created them to be … the moment was here !! Just a few more questions to answer and then I would be finished with man’s journey to become licensed and be able to walk into what I knew God had called me to do.

I was truly not prepared for what happened next and still to this day I shake my head in disbelief.

I unfolded my notes and prepared myself to lay out my vision to lead children to Christ in a way that was fun, created, and showed them how loved they were ! Half way through my speech one of the stuffed suits raised his hand… for a moment the room was silent and I truly felt like I was going to throw up or pass out. BUT I took a deep breathe and acknowledge the man with the raised hand.

His smile was big and for a moment all was calm inside of me … until he opened his mouth. “Young lady, he said, I have but one question for you”. And before I could utter a word he stood up and faced me. He said, ” I just wanna know what terrible thing you did in life that God called you into children’s ministry?”

For what seemed like forever no one said a word … the silence was pounding in my ears and my eyes became to tear… and as my tears fell like rain I cleared my throat and stood a little taller …… and with a voice so bold I spoke this scripture:

I finished the scripture and felt that I had nothing else to add … so I quietly put down the microphone and gathered my belongs and went to find my seat .

My heart was heavy and I found myself unable to pay attention to all that was going on around me … and the time came for me once again to stand up front … turn in my Christian Workers License and be ordained to preach the gospel.

For a moment I just wanted to leave … to run out the back door , jump in my car, and get the heck out of there .

When all of a sudden I felt the Spirit welling up inside of me … and in a brief moment I remember the little girl that was so full of hope and imagination.. and I knew in my heart I could never let her down !!

Because you see dear friends …. I was asked if I had anything else to say … so after the service, the prayer, and me being ordained I was given one last moment to speak.

The words were simple but spoken with such love and passion that you could of heard a pin drop ….

Once again all eyes were on me and this time my voice of soft and I was almost calm. What I said went a little something like this ….

Because Jesus came as a baby, that’s why I know that children are important to the Kingdom… He could have came to earth full grown wearing a crown BUT He came as a baby … a helpless tiny baby that needed loved, nourished, and taken care of .

So you see I didn’t get the short stick … and I wasn’t punished … BUT I was truly blessed by God trusting me enough to love and nurture His precious children !

No matter what your calling is … be bold enough to speak and brave enough to walk in it!

And trust me when I say that it’s okay if your journey doesn’t look like everyone else’s!

You are called , you are loved, and you have been set apart!

So that day she remember her little girl dreams she packed up her potential and all that she learned grabbed a cute pair of shoes and headed out on a journey to change a few things.


Kecia & Kody

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