Happy Friday !!! This morning started out before the sun was even shining, and even though I’m a little tired it’s truly okay because I can function through this day with a little sweet tea, a dab of marmalade, and a whole like of Jesus ! Day number 2 of the “Doodle My Story” is […]

My Quote

Happy November!! What a beautiful day it’s been, and I’m feeling truly blessed . Thank you for taking a moment to pause …. now pull up a chair , grab some sweet tea , and help me get this 22 day “Doodle My Story” journey started. I must have read over 100 quotes that I […]

Before the Bear

Hello dear one … happy Friday ! We are beary excited that you stopped in … the sun is shining and the birds are singing! I know it’s gonna be a good day … because all I really need is a little bit of sweet tea, and dab of marmalade, and a whole lot of […]