Happy Friday !!! This morning started out before the sun was even shining, and even though I’m a little tired it’s truly okay because I can function through this day with a little sweet tea, a dab of marmalade, and a whole like of Jesus !

Day number 2 of the “Doodle My Story” is a simple word but it’s also a word that doesn’t come easy for everyone …. our prompt is “Friends”

We live in such an amazing time that we can connect with anyone no matter how far away they live from us … friendships can be birthed, nurtured, and enriched more easily than ever before…. and most people consider that a blessing .

Several years ago hubby and I were doing a children’s puppet crusade and as I was waiting to start our service, when I just happened to glance at the bulletin…., what the pastor had written that Sunday night has stuck with me for years . ” A good friendship added to your life multiplies joy, divides sorrow, and subtracts loneliness.”

That precious quote is the reason that I art journaled the picture of Icky & I. I am blessed with so many beautiful friendships… and several months ago God allowed me to reconnect with a darling young lady that I love with my whole heart .

Her friendship caused me to push myself harder than I have done in a long time … her gentle heart and firm words helped me find the courage to start riding horses again .

And there is not a day that goes by that I don’t thank God for her in my life … she’s pushes me , she teaches me, she loves me , and laughs at me when I cry …. but through our friendship I believe both our lives are much richer !

God ordains families, but He allows you to select your friends. In healthy relationships, each person pours into the lives of others; the commitment is not one sided. You can’t control how others treat you but you can control how you treat them. Remain loyal, nurturing and keep Jesus the focal point of all relationships.

I truly thank God for the friends He has brought into my life … and I’m also thankful for the ones that have been removed from my life .

Because sometimes dear one we meet people in life and though we may like them they may not be the best people to follow us through life . … some friends are only with us for a part of our journey because they need to focus on their own path .

I challenge you today to look at your circle of friends do they add to your life or are they always taking from you ?

Have a wonderful evening



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