I am a child of a God

Hello dear friend and what a beautiful day! We are beary excited that you decided to stop in. Last week as the rain came down and our backyard began to flood and get muddy … I realized that all I need to get through this moment was a little sweet tea, a dab of marmalade, and a whole lot of Jesus.

As a mom of three adult children and a children’s minister for 20 years I have often had to find ways to comfort a hurting child.

I know there are many things that we can say and do but what I have found the most effective is wrapping my arms around them, holding them tight, and saying, ” I am here. I love you.” Sometimes that is exactly what “your” child needs. Those warm hugs can make the darkest of shadows fade into the distance.

Did you know our Heavenly Father wants to love each of us in the same way? When God looks at us , He sees His Child. Just as a mother would never turn her back on her child, God will never turn His back on us.

He loves us more than we can ever imagine. And no matter what we may be facing He wants to wrap His loving arms around us and hold us through our difficult days.

Oh what love a child can bring to a house that feels unsettled and unsure. The memory floods in like it was just yesterday but the thankfulness I feel in my heart reminds me that it was a lifetime ago … and that all is well.

It was a Saturday morning and the scene out the window made my sweet little girl clap her hands and giggle in delight.

And as she climbed up on my lap I fought back the tears as I played the doctor’s appointment over again in my head .

How could I look into those big blue eyes and explain the pain that would come after the surgeon broke her legs and place them in casts…. for a moment I just held her close and breathed in her scent.

As we snuggled together that day my tears silently began to fall and still to this day I smile as I remember her turning to me and wondering why my eyes were so sad.

My heart melted when she looked at me and said, “mommy why you cry, mommy are you sad?” I wish I could count how many times in my 26 years of being a mom that I’ve heard those words from my children .

I lied and told her I was fine and shifted her focus to the three little birds she had been watching just moments before … and as we watched them splash in the puddles I had a thought pop in my head ….

“Lakey”, I said …”I wonder what would happen if those three little birds could no longer fly, I wonder if they would be sad?”

And she got really close to my face and put her little hands on my cheeks … and she said, ” no mommy they wouldn’t be sad they would just buy shoes and walk everywhere”.

There you have it my dear friends … they would just buy shoes and walk … it seemed so simple to her … not even realizing that in just a matter of minutes she had a plan in place if ever the three little birds could no longer fly.

That night as I tucked her into bed I thanked God that her legs where healed and whole .. I thank God for her life … and I knew that no matter what she was going to be okay .

You see that day started out like any other day … my plan was to comfort her because we all know that children need to be comforted . BUT I am also a child … and child of Gods and I need comfort too.

So I leave you with this … anytime you may be hurting, weak, or in need of love and comfort, go to God . Just like all the times my children have come to me.

Just ask him to wrap you in his arms and love you! Not only is God willing to hold us, He wants us to realize that He is all we need.

Allow Him to be your strength when you are weak… He will be our rock and our foundation. His love will carry us through anything that life may throw our way.

Dear Papa,

Thank you that I am your beloved child. It is amazing that, through Jesus, I have the right to be your child…. I have all the privileges that come with being a daughter of the King. Thank you for being the perfect Father … for loving me beyond measure and creating me to be so uniquely me! I love you and I am so grateful.

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