Let us teach them to pray

Happy Monday ….I’m so excited that you stopped in to see me ! I can bearly contain myself, it’s been too long since we’ve chatted. I’m not sure what today holds but I know in my knower that all I need to truly navigate this day is a little sweet tea, a dab of marmalade, and a whole lot of Jesus.

About a week and half ago my dearest friend went through something that was rather traumatic…. and as I sit here in the darkness I keeping playing one of our conversations over again in my head …. because I know that each day she stills struggles with everything that happened that horrible day .

Our text messages went something like this …

Her: do doggies go to heaven

Me: I’m certain that the do

Her: I truly hope so …

Me: i know our pets are in heaven because they were created by God… thought up in His mind.. spoke into existence… and we know that His word does not return void… it goes back to Him! They return to Him!!

Her: thank you , please keep praying.. this is one of the hardest things .

Me: I haven’t stop praying … love you big!

Each day … several times a day I pray over her situation . I pray for all the people involved. Prayer is a very personal & powerful thing … we need to teach our children to pray!

Prayer is an adventure—it is a life-creating, life-changing journey into a closer relationship with God. Prayer is the main avenue God uses to change us and to guide our lives.

As Adults we understand the importance of prayer in our own lives. But I sometimes wonder if we are using prayer as God intended it to be—the way to plug into His power in our lives and a way to be still and listen to what He has to say to us.

The heart of a child is tender to the teachings of God and young children are eager to pray. Prayer becomes a spiritual security blanket where they learn to turn to God and trust in Him. Jesus is real to a child as they get to know Him as their friend first and then, their Savior.

Okay friends ….. If fairy tale movies have taught me anything, it’s that every princess needs a fairy godmother. When the damsel gets distressed, she simply cries out for help. A quick wave of the magic wand and poof! Problem solved. But have you noticed the princess hardly ever hangs out with her fairy godmother when life is good? There’s no friendship.

Sometimes, people treat God the same way. They believe in Him, but it’s only when things go wrong that they pray… We need to help them learn the foundation of prayer … to realize that prayer should be our steering wheel NOT our spare tire! Prayer is a “bear” necessity of life!

In all good relationships, there is talking and listening. Listen, lean in, get close. God is mighty, but He sometimes chooses to speak in a gentle whisper. He has complete wisdom, but He still ask questions… He still cares about the details of our daily lives.

God truly wants a relationship with us … no matter our age we are His beloved children and He wants to have that special time with us.

Here’s the great truth: we get to spend time with God any day of the week, any hour of the day.

We can be with Him at home, in church, or out in His creation: taking a hike in the woods, spending time by the ocean, catching fish in the nearby lake. Being with God in His world is enough for us to understand that not everyday is good BUT there is good in every day.

It’s important that we teach our children to just breathe and enjoy the moments … to spend time with God and then tell Him so. Thank Him when we have one of those amazing moments of blue sky, green trees, and biting fish.

Thank Him when the snow falls and we get to make a snow angel while catching the flakes on our tongues. That’s hanging out at God’s place. Let Him know how much you love it.

Truly take time to enjoy this beautiful world that He created for you … taking nothing for granted !

Trust me when I tell you God likes it when we tell Him what we’re thinking and feeling. Our prayers might not be very cleaned up and polite, but they will be real.

Are there situations in your life that make you sad, angry, or frustrated? Have you made some decisions you feel badly about? It’s okay sweet child … you can talk to God about everything!!!

You might be surprised by how you feel when you’re done. After all, God hears every word you say and cares about each one.

Most importantly we need to instill in our children that, God loves hearing their voices.

That He truly loves when we come to Him and trust His love, no matter what’s been going on in our lives.

And when we talk to Him, we offer up something precious. Our thoughts toward the Father are so valuable that He saves them up to fill golden bowls by His throne in heaven (see Revelation 5:8).

My challenge for you this week is to find a child or two that you can train up, pour into, and pray with… because, forging a prayer life that is one of close friendship is such an important practice to pass down to our children!

Have a beautiful & blessed day !!!

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