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Happy November!! What a beautiful day it’s been, and I’m feeling truly blessed . Thank you for taking a moment to pause …. now pull up a chair , grab some sweet tea , and help me get this 22 day “Doodle My Story” journey started.

I must have read over 100 quotes that I penned in 4 different journals.. when I came across one special quote that caused a memory to come flooding in .

When I was a little girl I just adored my Pappy … oh, I know most little girls have a special relationship with their Pappy. But I just know that mine was the absolute best.

When I was about 3 years old my family thought it was a good idea to teach me sing … but it wasn’t just any song they taught me.

The song that I learned was “Delta Dawn” and still to this day I can sing every word without skipping a beat .

Each time I would belt out the beginning lines of that beloved song my pappy would pay me a quarter … my first paying gig .

Then every time I sang a shiny quarter was my payment …this little game went on for several years until one horrible night my pappy had a heart attack and peacefully went to sleep and never woke up .

I went through a period of time after his death that I wouldn’t sing … and I didn’t want to hear that song . A song that brought me so much joy became a song that still to this day makes me cry every time I hear it .

Fast forward …. To being 11 and trying out for a role in our class play and you guessed it, it was a musical … I cleared my throat , stood up straight, and belted out the first lines .

I could tell by the looks on their faces I was probably not the best person for the part … but deep down inside I found the courage to finish the audition.

Two days later I stood in front of the class bulletin board and scanned the playlist … and my name was NOT on it . My heart dropped and the tears started to spill out of my eyes.

My best friend at the time leaned over and laughed as she whispered to me … “come on, Kecia you really didn’t think they would pick you … did you “? That comment has haunted me for 37 years … every time I step out to do something new … I hear her words playing over and over again like a bad record .

Reminding myself that everything I need is already inside of me !! And I tell myself what God says about me.

My learning nuggets … sometimes when you start out doing a new thing you need to limit your audience and sometimes you just need to dig down deep and find the courage to move forward and be all that God created you to be!

Have a blessed evening beautiful child of God



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