The Bear is in the box … now what ?

Hello Dear One , Happy Monday …. we are beary excited that you popped in to see us! It’s a new day … it’s a new week … and I know in my knower that God has amazing things in store for us.

As I sit here writing at my turquoise table I smile to myself because all I really need to get through this moment is a little sweet tea, a dab of marmalade, and a whole lot of Jesus!

Yesterday hubby and I spent over 7 hours raking, trimming , digging , and burning debris in our yard …. these past few storms had our once beautiful yard looking like a battlefield…. and it seemed like we would never accomplish what we set out to do.

But … finally things were winding down and the light of day started to fade and I found myself seated at my table looking out once again at our beautiful yard .

For a moment my eyes caught something over by the wood pile and as I stared my mind couldn’t focus …. but truthful I was a little scared to walk over a check it out.

I decided that I needed to move in closer to get a better look. My heart began to sink as I discovered that what I had found was a tiny ball of fur. It appeared that our neighbor’s cat had kittens and this one was left for dead… oh I understand the circle of life , but still I could feel the tears collecting in my eyes.

I really didn’t want to get close enough to see the wound but my guess was the owls in my yard seen this little kitten as food … but for a moment that didn’t make sense … wouldn’t the owls have just carried him away?

I quickly started to make my way to the smokehouse so that hubby could take care of the little critter … because I knew I couldn’t do it myself.

Looking back one more time just to be sure …. and yes the little ball of fur still laid there … still not moving , and even though I didn’t personally know this kitten my heart ached.

I couldn’t do it … I couldn’t just leave the kitten alone … as I pulled out my phone to text my hubby to come help me … my phone dropped to the ground !

Suddenly the kitten’s head popped up! His eyes were startled and full of fear … and my heart was beating so fast I had to sit on the ground to catch my breath.

Time stood still for a moment as we both looked at each other in confusion and disbelief! Finally he jumped up and ran as fast as he could back home.

I started to laugh and then the laughter turned to tears …. the kitten was not dead , he just found a spot of soft grass and curled up to take a rest…

After my heart rate returned to normal… I felt like God was speaking to my heart: “sometimes things appear to me dead and forgotten BUT more than likely they just need woken up.”

I pondered these words the rest of last night and they were more first thoughts this morning. So I knew I had to share my story …. because you see after we had packed up all the props , placed the puppets in their crates , the children’s lessons were filed, and after all the ladies events had been moved to Dropbox I felt dead … I felt like my dreams were over … and new dreams seemed to be for everyone but me.

Sometimes things are dead, and sometimes they just need to be woken up.

Sometimes a marriage is dead, and sometimes it just needs to be woken up.

Sometimes a friendship is dead, and sometimes it just needs to be woken up.

Sometimes a dream is dead, and sometimes it just needs to be woken up.

My prayer for you my dear sweet tea & marmalade friends is that you would allow the breath of God to breathe into the dead places of your soul !

Dear Lord, Wake me up! Stir my heart. It’s not over until You say it’s over. I commit to continue to pray for what others deem as a lost cause, for I know that there is never a lost cause when it comes to Your power to save, to deliver, to redeem, to rebuild. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

And… so our new ministry journey begins … and I’m so excited with the direction that God is taking it !!!! Please join us as we step out prayerfully and boldly into our “new”!!

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